Blue Glue Bikinis and StyleHunter 25days of giveaways

Blue Glue Bikinis and StyleHunter 25days of giveawaysIn the spirit of Christmas cheer, Blue Glue teamed up with earlier this month to give away the ultimate bikini pack as a Christmas present,

But to our surprise we were the ones gifted this Christmas!

The winner of our giveaway, Ivona Siniarska owns a travel blog called Lil Miss Planet and has been all over the place doing the most amazing things, like stroking lions, dipping at the edge of a waterfall, and meeting the amazing Jane Goodall! The crew at Blue Glue had a blast reading through all her travel stories!

Ivona Siniarska - Lil Miss Planet

Ivona was also kind enough to give a shout out to us on twitter thanking us not just for the general Christmas gift but because she had just made a move to Australia from Canada and the bikini’s were the most appropriate gift to face the Australian Summer!

Ivona Siniarska - Australian holidays

Ivona, if you are reading this, thanks for introducing us to the world of Lil Miss Planet! We hope you continue delighting and surprising us with all your travels!

Have a Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year!