Love My Bikini’s From Blue Glue!


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Heartwarming words form our Bluettes… <3
When we received this email on Friday we couldn’t help to share it with you! It’s touching words swiveled our hearts with joy and kick-started our weekend on a positive note! Thank you Irene! This was so heartwarming to read, we love to hear about your experiences whether be it good or bad please feel free to share with us!
Thanks Bluettes! Kick ass xx


From: Irene Mekies
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2015 2:44 PM
Subject: Love My Bikini’s From Blue Glue!

My name is Irene and I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
I discovered the Blue Glue store in Seminyak while on holiday. I fell in love with all of your designs as well as with the two sales girls who were in the store at the time that I shopped there! They made the whole shopping experience at Blue Glue truly extraordinary. They showered me with all of their attention, paid specific attention to finding me the perfect fit and perfect look tailored right down to my personality as well as my body and made it all so much fun! It was unique to any shopping experience I had anywhere else in Bali, let alone anywhere else I’ve been and left me with an extra love for Blue Glue designs!

I wanted to take the time to thank you so much for your unique and extraordinary bikini designs and your equally unique and extraordinary customer service!

Sorry, didn’t get pics taken wearing all of my items I purchased there, just of one of the two bikini’s I bought (I also bought two of your amazing dresses!), but thought I’d send a few of the pics I had over…the 1st and the last pic were taken while on Gili Air and the rest on a little beach outside Uluwatu.
Irene :-)


PS: Irene Mekies wears our 2018 wedding gown collection.