Recap of the fruity Fruit Fiesta!



It all started with fruity cocktails of Curacao and Pineapple flavors to mimic the tropical scent thats oh too familiar with that of the beach… As the night evolved the pink, orangy and purple lights titled over towards the spiralling staircase to unravel a pair of long sexy tan legs shoed with rottan wedges that one by one, step by step made their way down to the cat walk wearing a Josephine Becker banana skirt #realstuff and a Bananarama bikini from our ultimate Juice collection! Her hand-sequin top sparkled like the glistening waters caught at sunrise, while her banana printed bottoms matched her luscious mermaid hair. It was all ROARS, LAUGHS and PUMPING ENERGY on the cat/dancewalk as the four models strutted down one by one in their fruit apparels… Followed by the Bananarama was Watermelonmania. Melissa walked out wearing a Watermelon carved head pieces and a juicy red slice of the sweet fruit to take a bite of it out in public. Orangina then slated the dancefloor all the while juggling with poppy oranges and a necklace of miniatures of the zesty fruit! Kiwitinikini came in a storm to end the finale of the Juice collection with a vibrant green that electroshocked the crowd!

It was all screams and whistles at each entrance of each fruit… The Juice collection was then followed by Fluo a remake of our previous Disco collection using all neon colors, intricate weavings and our signature V style bikinis!

Our advice for the night? Better get drinkin on those Blue Glue cocktails to get 15% off your summer apparel sorted!

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