Katya Kovtunovich x Blue Glue



We love Katya Kovtunovich and apparently Katya Kovtunovich loves us too. The Dubai based Russian fashion designer has unceasingly been inspired by the beauty of the Middle East allowing her to use different patterns and fabrics reflecting it’s heritage and traditions. We like!

One of her latest creations are elegant caftans. These glamourous Middle-Eastern attires are light, airy, bring and functionally appropriate on almost every outfit. Wear them as a nonchi cover-up after a dip into the pool or as the ultimate means of dragging attention to your evening outfit on a night out in the city. Works out on every mood, style, situation and outfit!

Showcasing these beauties would obviously need equally eye-popping underneath pieces and that’s where we worked our magic. We offered our best swimwear pieces to Katya to shoot her caftans and below you can find the result. Beware! Some pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!