Shop Opening in Hoi An

Opening hoi an - slideshow


Opening hoi an - slideshow

By the sea, Hoi An, Vietnam ancient jewel stands and lights.

Recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this cosmopolitan center, with an unreal village feel, can make you travel through centuries for free. Its sundry influences, both indigenous and foreign, gives the city a unique energy you won’t be able to forget.

 Now facing the market, in the heart of this Ancient town infused by 2,000 years history, our new Blue Glue shop is at all cross roads, watching incense spirals from all temples in the rising sun, and the lazy river covered in romantic lampions at night, when a soothing coolness descends on the cobblestone streets.

 We’re very honored and proud to say Blue Glue is now part of this harmonious and spectacular picture and in Hội An which translates to « peaceful meeting place » resides our first Vietnamese shop ! :)

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