ba·sic (ˈbāsik/)


 Synonym to fundamentals, essentials, rudiments, (first) principles, foundations, preliminaries our ‘Weekly’ bodysuit line consists of a minimalistic line of four bodysuits delivered in a Mastic Taupe, Marine Jean, chocolate brown, and the usual suspects, Black & White.

 Weekly because its an everyday type of essential, the kind you lounge in day to night on your couch reading IT by Alexa Chung, or to prance around in on Byron’s crispy white sands, or again leaning over that chic for the clique beach club. Pair it with a high waisted pair of apple bottom jeans for a saucy friday night just like you could swiftly marry it to silky pants with Jeffrey’s boots for that extra lemon twist to the shot. Basically casual to class, Monday to Sunday- its weekly, trust it will pull it off.