About Thaikila

Thaikila Bikini Logo

There are some companies that feel like companies. They have mission statements, boardrooms and cubicles. Everyone dresses in pencil skirts or suits. And then there are other companies where it feels like a family. You wear a T-shirt, you look forward to going every day, and the people you work with turn into your friends. This is what Thaikila feels like. A really really big, diverse family. But sometimes, we like to mix it up and wear pencil skirts, except we wear it over our bikinis.

As a group of people, we are strangely obsessed with finding beauty in the world. We look for it everywhere, and find it most places. We need to do this because we eventually turn those small bits of overlooked gems into concepts, which turn into fashion stories, which is what we give to our Bluettes.

Blue-who? Bluettes. If you are a woman, you are a Bluette. No matter what age, size, nationality or horoscope, we think about you, and we try our darndest to make bikinis that fit you and your lifestyle. If you are just learning to crawl, or teaching your granddaughter to, if you are edgy, sophisticated, sporty or conservative, we think about you and what you would enjoy to be in.

And while we do all this research about you, we find a lot of really interesting things. We find everything from posters, to photography, to hairstyles and anecdotes. We hold onto these things, store it away, but until now it has been hidden in our own database. But we don’t want to hide it. We want to share our inspiration with you. So now we are. Right here on ‘The Spark’.